Wide Horizons “Fool’s Errand” recap

2nd of April saw my first longer ride around North Kent roads and countryside. It was at times a bit exhilarating and then fun. There were two routes – 65km and 120km. I opted for the latter thinking “well, I’ve ridden half of the track sections already, so what’s new?”. This statement turned out to be 1/3 correct as I didn’t know half the climbs…

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Fool’s Errand sportive coming up…

The first longer ride attempted is Fool’s Errand on Sunday, 2nd April. It’ll go through lovely country lanes in Kent and is challenging enough for most cyclists. Why? Well, there are many ups and downs and ups are often near 20% gradient over half a mile…

I started training a couple of weeks ago. Last Sunday went out with a friend to tackle some of the hills and survived. 36 miles with relatively strong head and side wind were completed at 2:30’ish.


And this is how it looks in 3D thanks to VeloViewer


The ride itself will be double the distance and climbs. Hope to complete it in 4 hours.